November 14, 2009

Still crying for parts lost and long gone

When caught up in a good feeling, consequences are so far from our minds.

We take advantage of the sensation - licking it clean and taking whatever we can from it. Some of us know a good thing doesn't linger for long so the intake is always fast and dramatic, but satisfying. And for some of us the consumption is smoother, longer, but we barely survive the withdrawal period when it goes away. And then, when that good old feeling comes around again, we fall into our old habits. Do we ever learn?

My point: There are consequences to everything, even if its good.

If we consume too much of something that is good, we leave no space for the things that are bad. The potential for growth, improvement - the lessons learned - become the last drops at the bottom of the cup. Suddenly, at the end we see it all.

And now.....a poem.

still crying for parts lost and long gone
still mourning us
in the opening

we swallowed the splendor
opened wide while
it's juices trickled
down the sides of our cheeks
we laughed

we were so thirsty darling
we were a bad combination

we were

lonely and aching.

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