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Northside Cries & Lullabies (2010)

by N.V. Torres
ISBN: 978-0-578-05067-6
Goodbye Publishing House
Paperback, 113 pages

Northside Cries and Lullabies is the second collection of poetry and prose by poet N.V. Torres. The book is a poetic exploration into the growth and struggles of a woman living on the northside of Philadelphia.

I Know All The Right Things To Say (2007)

by N.V. Torres
ISBN: 978-6151-4883-0
Goodbye Publishing House
Paperback, 93 pages

The first collection of poetry by first time author, N.V. Torres, "I Know All The Right Things To Say" is testament to what makes us human. It is the painful/sweet love story, the rude reality of growing up, the injustice in the world, and the constant doubt and insecurities that we wear on our sleeve.

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