Divine Goddess Principles

These principles are a product of inspiration from the Goddess Ma'at.
Everyone should live their lives by standards to help guide them through life.
Here are mine:
  1. I will create art and beauty from nothing.
  2. I will share with the world, and become an open vessel so the world can share with me.
  3. I will be the best at everything I do, no matter how small or big the task.
  4. I will love God first and always.
  5. I will love my Goddess I will love myself.
  6. I will love my family, friends, and lovers unconditionally.
  7. I will love my colleagues and acquaintances.
  8. I will love my enemies with one eye open.
  9. I will be brave.
  10. I will be genuine - I will always be me.
  11. I will be proud but never too proud to pray.
  12. I will be humble and connected to the Earth.
  13. I will be loyal and mindful of my roots no matter where the wind takes me.
  14. I will question everything.
  15. I will never settle for a stone if I desire a diamond.
  16. I will be a follower of my own standards so long as my feet touch the Earth.