April 26, 2010

She is the Way (a poem)

Yola! Been away for a while, but for good reasons. I have lots of updates to add on here very soon, but until then enjoy this new piece...

She is the Way

What does it mean today
when a woman can scrape off
your layers under harsh light and
bury your old skin in the backyard where the dogs cannot dig them back up?

What does it mean
when a woman removes the moon from between her legs
so a simple man could feel
and taste
the god that dwells inside of her?

Sometimes you forget
A woman can not only extend her hips,
But she can expand her mind and screams wide enough
to flare up a revolution within you
You forget that she is the way

She is
a beautifully made instrument
She is a vessel in which the best things travel through
A vessel of love
Carrying water
Harboring seeds, stories, and truth
With the ability to lift prayers too faint to reach heaven

She is grace
Every inch of hip, breast, arm, and belly
Every laugh line, wrinkle
Every broken heart, wet eye, drop of blood
was premeditated
and rightfully positioned
to preserve the truest combination of beauty and power in the universe.

She is the way
and love her…

Love her.

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