July 10, 2010

30 Day Letter Challenge - Dear Person that I hate/caused me pain...(Day 12)

Dear Poverty,

I've known you since I was born. Before I even knew you existed, you were apart of my life - you were already apart of my history. When will you disappear? So many suffer because of you. So many people who lack basic everyday necessities (shelter, food, clean water, etc..) go without it. Do you understand how difficult life is without healthcare and a quality education? Some say poverty is a mindset, but I believe it's a reality that we must, first, take in and second, take action against. We must recognize you exist. I wish people would stop sugar-coating your effect on the living. They say we are where we are because of our poor decisions. Truth is we were born into you. We are oppressed by you. How can we come up when resources are constantly taken away? How can we come up when we are forced to attend the poorest schools? How can we escape from your strong grip when we are too weak from illness and hunger. You are unjust and hurtful. No one deserves to suffer in your name.

Tell your friends to spread the wealth around the world. Bring back basic human rights. I promise, your greed will be forgiven.

Freedom Fighter

Let the Dollar Circulate by Billy Paul

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Marcia M said...

I feel all the words you put into this piece. Well done!