August 22, 2010

The Resistance


There is a speck of false hope that lives in a single breath
It's addictive
It stretches and threatens to take
Remind the goddess...


On summer days
the weight of the sun upon a certain skin
the many reasons why stargazing on the countryside makes sense
Far from the towers
easy and get lost in the miles -
all twenty - two

The things daydreamed, love
are the things that waste the minutes
Yet they attempt to defy the substances that hold us down
Free thoughts can grow wings if willing
If resistance is shallow,
if we are not careful,
they can fly away

Sadness resides, but thanks is given
There is a force that tugs at the freedom
and grounds the spirit to the earth
Reasoning and resistance lies beneath
It's the reason why we say:
What goes up,
must come down

It's the resistance
It anchors
And like gravity,
All things will
come down.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing this, my dear friend. Love you always. :-)

NV Torres said...

Thank you for stopping by, Pedro :)