November 21, 2010

I saw the sea inside you...

I found the following poem last night. I couldn't sleep. Too much on my mind lately and I feel the things and people in my life are shifting and transitioning in their positions in my heart.

You see, I once loved with my whole heart. And it stemmed from the purest place in my heart. When I loved, I couldn't explain what was happening to me. I couldn't write, or even verbalize the definition of this love and its effect on me. I was so high, blind, but it was a beautiful feeling. I felt safe, secure, appreciated, and understood. I continued on, day to day riding this wave, while secretly inside I awaited the drop of a bomb. And then it dropped (oh, did it drop!) and a great feeling was gone. Reflecting back, I realize I gave my heart away too quickly. It was so eager to belong to something greater than myself that it folded. However, I learned and I collected my heart. To be honest, I'm still collecting it.

This poem by Pura López-Colomé reminded me of that period in my life. I cried when I read it because it stirs my emotions and verbalizes that now bittersweet feeling I couldn't explain before. It truly was an enlightening moment. I was an aimless explorer, and then I saw the sea inside him.

by Pura López-Colomé
translated by Forrest Gander

Reanimated, spirit restored,
reincorporated, body restored,
I contemplate between dreams
the scene I've stolen
like the one who took fire,
like the one who opened the devil box
out of curiosity,
like the one who saw her equal
and her life's love
were the same and so effortlessly
brought them together.
I took exactly
what was not mine,
with my eyes.
I saw the sea inside you:
on your surface, mud.
I kissed you like a shipwreck,
like one who insufflates the word.
With my lips I traveled
that entire continent,
Adam, from dirt, Nothing.
I knew myself in your substance,
grounded there,
emitting aromatic fumes,
an amatory banquet of ashes.


PoetsLoveHarder said...

Thank you for sharing....nothing like finding something that makes you feel as though you aren't alone with your feelings :)

NV Torres said...

Yes, when I found this I swear it was like looking to into the mirror and the past feelings all came back. Its a little painful because I miss the feeling of falling in love, but I am grateful this poem found me. It makes me believe again. Thank you for taking the time time to read and to comment :)