April 1, 2011

Hope and I hustle on the same block...

It's been a while since I posted poetry so here you go...written this morning so I'm posting as is.
PS. Happy National Poetry Month!

Hope and I Hustle on the Same Block

I am
an abomination of everything you once thought was real
I am a dreamer
I am everything good that you thought had flown away with the helicopters in your ghetto of dreams
Didn’t you notice?
I am the earnest voice you couldn’t hear over the bullets
I am NOT the slick movement behind closed doors -
The shade that conceals the other side of the window
They don’t call me sunshine for nothing…

My love
I am NOT your baby’s mama –
Your sole piece of drama
I am NOT the warm, cozy and tight little
hole of the night that you can’t find the energy to hold
I am NOT your landlord
Your dreams can live within me rent-free as long as they grow
I am that photo of Parisian lights that you come back to every now and then
just to assure yourself that you too will one day come alive in its luminosity

I am NOT your mother
With me, nothing is easy
and unconditional love is a limited time offer
I am the best of you
You are not the best parts of me
Nor will my body part for you and your forces..…yet.

I’m hard like Monday
But in the core, I am truly Friday
I am the break at the end of a hard week that
you have to earn and
work for

But I don’t own slaves
I am NOT your global leader
I am your pusher
Your pen
Your brush
I am a painter
Sit for me
and then,
only then
can I paint you
a brave world.



simply an amazing read.

NV Torres said...

Thank you very much for reading!