May 8, 2009


Hi World!
Yea, so this is my very first blog on here so I thought I would get down to business and pop this thing off with a little poetry, yes?

This is a poem I wrote a few days ago...along with a dope photo I found online.

So enjoy and thanks for reading :)


It's a long ride back to Philly
and we have not said a single word to each other.
You drive on
while I sit in the passenger seat
staring out the window trying
to avoid the sight of your face.
I can feel you looking over at me.
It's a long ride back.

The highway is empty at 4 in the morning
My mind and eyes are heavy
And you -
You continue to drive.

I look over to your window.
From a distance
I can see the Roxborough Tower Farm.
I remember us
driving down this same road one night and asking you,
"Baby, what are those?"
as I pointed to the sea of blinking red lights.
You told me that they were signal towers for tv and radio.
And I remember how I attempted to
etch into my memory the
beautiful side view of you
driving into the night with those
lights shining like stars in the background.

Now here we are again,
driving by.

For a moment I suspect that this
will be the last time I ever see this sight again -
You and
those fucking towers...

and I know I am right.
This will be the last time.

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