May 9, 2009

My Afternoon with Mr. Elba

It was Saturday afternoon. I was bored and in the mood for a good flick. I flip through the endless amount of movies on Comcast On Demand and what do I find? Tyler Perry's Daddy's Little Girls. Now, I've heard about this movie before but I never had the chance to see it, so I press play.

Let me tell you, was I stuck on....I d r i s E l b a.
Seriously, he was the best part of the whole movie.

You may have seen him in Beyonce's last movie, Obsessed, and in 2007's holiday movie, This Christmas. Yea, I wikipedia-ed him like the true stalker that I am, and guess what ya'll? He is actually an Englishman - born and raised in London, England! He has the accent and all.

And I love a man with an accent...

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