September 29, 2009

Glossy (Spoken)

Insomnia + audacity + microphone + lil ol' me = Another attempt at Spoken Word (Glossy).

I'm trying to get more comfortable with reading my stuff. I don't consider myself a spoken word artist at all - I'm more of a paper poet, but once in a while I like to experiment and try something different.

And theres nothing wrong with that...

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Saturday nights spread thickly
like lip gloss
A sheer, pink shade that shimmers
beneath the lights
sending a violent heat wave
across the bar
trouble walked in with
and full lashes



made us stop
and take notice
made me wish...

wish my breast could know the sun
the same way this girl
knows danger -
the way she plays with fire
Igniting flames in the snugged parts of each man she passes
Inhaling the howls
and sipping on the heavy pants


I watch the
spectacle from afar
soaking in my own
mire of insecurities and

How much that kind of freedom would cost...

On any given rainy day,
how many pennies would I have to save
to buy that kind of power
with legs closed?


Kevon said...

i cant wait to hear more....drugs to the ears...u know...without the bad effects hehe

NV Torres said...

Haha! Thanks Kev, it means a lot :) I'm looking forward to hearing your stuff soon.

Vizionheiry said...

It sounds so much better with your voice (than the way I was reading it) You give it such a subdued intensity.

Where did you find the music track?

It doesn't seem like spoken word to me. Paper Poets Unite!

NV Torres said...

Thank you for listening!

I found the music on a website called Just a simple harp sound.

Vizionheiry said...

And here I was overcomplicating things trying to become a sampling producer. I may try to find something from freesounds to vibe over. Love your creativity!

Anonymous said...

No need for a precursor; your voice is awesome. I really love this poem, too. I think I may have read it in an older post? I feel like I recognize it, anyway. haha

LYD said...

Hot damn NV! I almost missed this!! Love you girl, you are so talented... Glossy is my favorite poem EVER, it speaks to's pure awesomeness, you rocked this ...seriously. ;))