November 9, 2009

Me, Northside Cries and Lullabies, and a Pimp

Been a minute, huh?

First, I haven't been around much because (1) Having technical issues (aka my computer is down and my tech guy isn't really feeling me at the moment) (2) Writing has been put on the back burner for the last few weeks. I was busy doing some soul searching - talking to God, talking to myself and stuff. Yeah, and I'm in the process of going back to school in January for Early Childhood Education :)

Excuses, excuses...I know. However, since then I've been trying to get this train rolling on my second collection of poetry, Northside Cries & Lullabies. I know I keep pushing back the release date but it just doesn't feel ready yet. Every day a new idea hits me and I fall back into it like an ex-lover I can't let go of. So I decided not to rush it. It's done when it's done! sigh. That's the advantage of self-publishing.

But seriously, words fail to express how nervous and excited I am about releasing this collection...

Nerves: As a writer, most of my inspiration comes from my own real life and from the things and people around me. It isn't easy for me to put myself out there and there are a lot of personal pieces in this collection - true thoughts and feeling; real life experiences.

Excitement: Once again, putting myself back out into the universe and improving my skills in book marketing and self-promotion (which I SUCK at so ideas are always welcomed).

I'm also excited about the several collaborative poems I decided to add to the book. It was truly a last minute idea, but I think it's a good way to display some of my collaborations with the cool, talented poets I met via writing communities and open mics.

My new month resolutions (I know we're already a week into November, but work with me):

*Get a new tech guy
*Finish up collaborative poems, and editing.
*Develop a GOOD marketing plan (aye aye aye)
*Show my blog some more lovin' (blog more often)

November has brought me a whole new wave of positive energy. I think I'm finally learning that I have to put out what I want to receive :) I'm feeling good, ya'll! It's going to be a long ride for sure.
Hold tight!

In the mean time, you can enjoy this video blog by my MetroLine Media partner and homeskillet, Mr. Angel Lozada! Aside from his awesome sense of humor, dude is hella talented, smart and has a great future in telecommunications ahead of him. Make sure you subscribe to his BLOG and YouTube Channel.

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Vizionheiry said...

A simple marketing plan:

Profile your Reader: Create a visual picture of your ideal reader. Where do they get their hair styled? Where do they buy their toiletries? Where do they purchase their clothes? What types of jobs do they do?

Take your books to those locations & offer to host an event for them. Take 10 of yr fam&friends (posse), a dj or Ipod (if dj is too expensive), and hold a reading of your poetry.

People will purchase your book afterward. It's about wanting to document that authentic emotional connection with your work.

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