January 23, 2010

Afterthoughts After Loving

Hello friend.

It has been a while since I've posted any poetry on here. Muse was out on vacation somewhere, but I can feel it calling out my name again ;)

Hope you enjoy this shorty - Afterthoughts After Loving...

The morning after
is the darkest of them all
The coming of solitude
and swallowing the heavy hard lump of regret -

scratching the sides of my throat
as it makes its way down
where it will sit with me all afternoon...

until your next phone call.

In the mirror
I see you
in pieces still clinging to the corners of my mouth

D r y


of scraping off the afterthoughts.


LYD said...

Glad the muse has struck U again my sweet, talented friend. Love it!

Christian said...

It's a good thing your muse did'nt wait too long to call you :). Love the write!

NV Torres said...

Thank you!! :)