January 21, 2010

Big Pimpin' - The Millenium Kid

I wouldn't be me if I didn't make it a goal in life to constantly seek and surround myself with people who are not only creative, positive, motivated, but also driven. That's why I want to create a "Big Pimpin" series - perhaps a monthly post where I feature some of my friends and their work (poetry, artwork, music, etc). The world deserves to know their names.

And we will jump start this "Big Pimpin" series right with my friend, The Millenium Kid.

The Millenium Kid is an artist and talented beat-maker on a mission "to provide a service beyond exceptional by way of music".

And lucky for us, he also enjoys picking up the pen from time to time, writing lyrics and poetry. The boy got skills, musically and lyrically, which is why I wanted to feature two of his poems, The Gemini Lover, and Drama Outside My Window.

Remember his name, people! I have no doubt that he will be the one to put his hometown Norristown, PA on the map some day.

Until then, I guarantee you will enjoy these two poems, as well as his MYSPACE MUSIC PAGE.

The Gemini Lover

The way she began since origin
One body two minds combined within
The essence of intellect
Overshadowed the power to intercept
Vision to make a man make amends
Beauty in the eye of the gem

Traveling through a black hole
Still shine like the lights in the cosmos
Pulled me in too soon
Force of gravity had me stuck
Like earth & moon

She’s May, she’s June, she's hot
Just enough to burn in two
Any man’s retina couldn’t see
He'd end up with two left shoes

She's witty, one side two side pretty
Woosa woosa won’t help, this ride is slippery
Not to mention the other side, shifty
Damn I guess it happened so fast it missed me

Sorry me, pardon me I see
A separation from the good and the E.
Now I know I’m a little more than feet
I’m waist deep in this lady's mystic
Even knowing the future is bleak

It’s hard... Damn it’s hard for one man
To compete with two opposites like War & Peace
Believe me, it’s gonna be a journey to cease
The irrelevant behavior of such a beast.

Drama Outside My Window

Its drama outside my window
Poor hopes and trash
No need to check the forecast
For how the wind blow
Yesterday's repeat of pain and snow

See the block from a bird’s eye
From my nest of sess inside
Opens my mind to reality
Check time its rec time
Zombies assemble similar to lunch lines

From sunny days the windows open
Feel the breeze of misery
Prayin’ one day the street is empty
But only in my dreams I see that visually

Call me a hypocrite
But if my window was a ship
Wouldn’t I be able to steer away from this?
Maybe I like it

Maybe I see the future like a psychic
my tarot cards are words of wisdom
to those who might invite it

Change I see none still
Watchin’ a busy street with snails
Consider our heaven hell
Only peace is deceased and under the grail

We shall prosper
Young minorities see glory in
The transformation of civilized to monster
In due time young minds will conjure
The power to end the sponsors.

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