February 11, 2010

Big Pimpin', baby...Philadelphia Demeanor

Yo-la, Phil-ly! Guess who is this month's Big Pimpin' feature?
Yup. Philadelphia's own Irwin Roman, also known as P.

So, I first met P in early 2009 at an open mic night hosted by Dope Boys of Poetry which is a group of Philly poets in which P is also a member. He is notoriously known within the group for writing short, yet powerful poetry. The man is direct and likes to get his readers straight to the point and ain't nothing wrong with that!

I decided to feature him this month because not only do I enjoy his writing style, but he has also officially joined the self-publishing club with the recent release of his first poetry collection, Philadelphia Demeanor.

Plus, dude was kind enough to split a little ink with me on a collaborative poem, The Zoo, in my upcoming book which you will get to read very soon.

Feels good to see Philly doing big things :)

Here's a poem from his collection, and one of my personal favorites...Isis:

by Irwin "P" Roman

He told me her code name was Isis
But he doesn't realize that he's not the first man she treated like this
The highs where unbelievable but they came with devastating lows
Isis was well versed in the ring she handed excruciating blows
But he still loved her and just quite why nobody knows
He adored the she devil from her head down to her toes
And then came the day he couldn't take it no more
Next thing he knows Isis had walked out the door
But he never had the chance to tell her how he feels
He was so ready to buy that ring and on bended knee kneel
With wounds so deep that years later they still haven't healed
But it's over now like 112's Bad Boy deal
And Isis' M.O. just keeping it real
Is playing with the hearts of men just to stomp them with her stiletto heels
Now once he told me about the girl with the code name Isis
I told him since the days of Adam and Eve there's always been girls like this.

Click HERE to purchase P's book

Philadelphia Demeanor
by Irwin Roman


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christian said...

Cool spotlight of a Philly poet... I'll make sure I check out some of his work.