February 7, 2010

R U Ready?

Yola (Yo + Hola) beautiful people ;)

I'm in good spirits this week. Do you know why? Because my baby, Northside Cries & Lullabies, is FINALLY going to be published at the end of this week! Yup, you heard right. And I must say, its coming along well with over 50 poems and featured collaborations with fellow poets Christian Alvarez, Kevon Crute, This_isjust_M, Rome, and Irwin Roman who recently published his first collection of dope poetry, Philadelphia Demeanor.

I'm hoping and praying for the nothing but dopeness and positive energy while the birth of this collection comes to an end.

I'm feeling...


...but mostly excited to finally place this baby into your hands :)

In the meantime, I'll also be brainstorming ideas for the release and the promotion which we all know I suck at. So again, any ideas or resources for online and/or offline book marketing would REALLY help!


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