February 26, 2010


How was your poem selection process for this book different from your previous book?

With the first book, I Know All The Right Things To Say, I had to choose from a collection of poems that were written from the ages of 17 - 22. Out of those, I selected about 63 poems that represented different aspects of my life that were important to me at the time since the book was about me introducing my voice in poetry. So I broke them down into Life, Discovery, Love, and Justice, and chose the poems that I felt best represented each of those.

The process was a little different for Northside Cries and Lullabies. I wrote the poems and prose specifically for this book, keeping in mind the vision that I had for it. Also, whats different about this book is that I included a few collaborative pieces that I had written with other poets I met from different writing communities.

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