June 14, 2010

Book Signing Update!...con fotos!

Hello good people! Well, I know its been a while since my last blog post. To be honest I really don't have an excuse since I have been out of school since mid-May. However I go back mid-July, which means I will make it my duty to blog as much as possible before my brain goes back into school mode. Promise.

I just want to share a few photos from my book signing last month, which was a complete success by the way! I was really nervous about turn-out, but everything came along very well that night with the support of my family, friends, and the night's awesome host, YTG - fellow poet (I'm a lucky girl).

Anyway, I usually get really nervous before any show, but some reason I was really dreading having to speak and read at this event. I think the nerves were a combination of it being my first book signing event, and the fact that I would be reading in front of family and friends, some who have never seen me read before. However, I have to say that because of their presence, I actually felt really comfortable up there. I felt more at ease than usual :)It was definitely a night to remember! I remember having a much needed drink with my friends afterwards over at the bar area and feeling so...accomplished! I remember my friend Helen saying with a smile, "take it all in, sweetheart". And I remember trying really hard to take in the moment and the feeling, and part of me did. But the other part of me was ready to move along and take on more. I think the book signing was exactly what I needed to keep pushing along this crazy journey I got myself into. I'll keep pushing for myself, for Northside, and for every person who was there to support me and my poetry. More than ever, I am ready to do more and to be more.

So while I leave you all to prepare myself for my next "thing", I will leave you with a small glimpse of that special night...

Ps: As far as writing goes, things are looking a little....dry. Just a little bit. So I decided I'm going to pick up a few poetry books to read over the summer. Any suggestions??

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Vizionheiry said...

Congratulations on your book signing.