July 6, 2010

30 Day Letter Challenge - Dear Someone I wish I could meet...(Day 09)

Photo: ©2009-2010 *meppol

Dear Future Husband,

I know it seems kind of weird that I am writing this letter to you, but I want to take this opportunity to let you know a few things.

You may already know this before even meeting me, but I am not perfect. I worry...a lot. I am impatient at times. My past has caused me to keep my guard up. I've been hurt so there are times when I may need a little reassurance - just let me know you still love me. I am indecisive. When something is bothering me I tend to shutdown. I am sensitive. I am emotional. And I over think too much.

However, I will be your biggest fan. I believe in supporting one another's dreams and seeing that we hold each other accountable for our goals and aspirations. I am loving and considerate. I would do anything for the ones I love. I am a great listener. I am an admirer and lover of the simple and little things in life. It doesn't take much to make me happy. I am a dreamer, but I keep it real. I would love your family and friends no matter how crazy they are. I love people - I appreciate and respect different personalities types. I know how to compromise. I hate arguments and do my best to avoid them. I believe communication is the key to a lasting relationship with anyone. Most importantly, I would give you everything, but I expect everything from you. I give what I receive.

I wish I could meet you...soon (that's me being impatient), but I know time will bring you to me. I just ask that you do right by me. Don't do me wrong. Take care of me at my weakest. Be patient with me during the hard times. And love me always.

With love,
Future Wifey

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