July 5, 2010

30 Day Letter Challenge - Dear Stranger...(Day 06)

Dear Young girl on the 57 bus tonight,

You are loved. You are already everything you need in this world. Has anyone ever told you that you are beautiful even without the make-up, the short shorts, and belly baring t-shirt? I wish I had the courage to reach out to you and ease your discomfort from the stares of the older man sitting across the aisle. But the breaking of my heart as I watched you reciprocate a desperate stare kept me in my place - I was just a stranger who should mind her own business.

It's not fair. You are just a girl. Where did we go wrong as women? When did we stop helping our young girls discover the real beauty that lies inside of them - the beauty in the place where no man can ever reach? I wish I could tell you that clothes do not make you a woman, nor do they make you sexy. Male attention does not justify womanhood or true sexiness. Womanhood is confidence, self-awareness, experience, and wisdom. True sexiness is unseen. It is unspoken. It's not what we see or hear. It's a feeling that comes from loving ourselves - the good and the bad. I pray that you learn this someday.

Lady in the purple blouse, 3rd row window seat

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