September 21, 2010

Just thought you should know - A Young Poet's Haiku

A couple weeks ago, a fellow poet, Rebeca, sent me the most inspiring message on Facebook. She told me a funny story of how her 9 year old daughter, Kassandra, discovered a copy of my book, Northside Cries  Lullabies, and how she read a haiku, loved it, and felt inspired to write her own. She ended the message with this: "Just thought you should know. You inspire."

How cool is that! I was completely humbled by her story. Of course I wanted to read the haikus she scribbled down, so I asked my friend and her daughter if she wouldn't mind sharing them with me. She did, and I fell in love with them so much that I wanted to feature them on here and share them with all of you. Please read...

dark pink and pretty,
I heart you.

Crazy man
green glasses and short
I'm laughing.

Jellybeans rolling
down, around and inside small
dark brown fourth grade hands.

Jump, jump high
the moons a baseball
for the night.

Each haiku is a colorful and innocent look into the perspective of a 9 year old. Just perfection. 
Much love to Rebeca and Kassandra for being awesome and for allowing me to share her growing, yet beautiful poetic voice.

Reading her poems actually inspired me start a project with my own students. Now the inspiration has come full circle. Its a beautiful thing when we are able to inspired and then become inspired, isn't it?

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