April 23, 2011

Strangers, freckles, and a window seat...

I had a really nice conversation with a man the other day on my way to school.

I was on the bus, and it was crowded and hot. I was already in a bad mood because I was stressed over school work... and the bus was late, so when it pulled up and I saw there were no seats available for me to set my heavy school bag, I was quickly annoyed. So there I am, forcing my way through the front crowd. Apparently, there is a bus monster of some sort that will eat your toes if you step to the back of the bus so everyone crowds the front (did I mention I hate public transportation and people). Anyway, I finally make it to back and a man offers me the window seat next to him. I guess he could see the annoyed expression on my face. Now, usually I would opt to stand the whole ride (I wasn't going that far), but for some reason I took the seat. I was in a bad mood, my bag was really heavy, so what the hell. Now the guy starts talking to me. Great.

He started making small talk and asked me how I was doing, "Are you going to work?", "What's a pretty girl like you doing in this neighborhood?"...yada yada yada. I wasn't feeling it. When I told him I was on my way to school, he went on about how he had went to college and got a degree in Sociology. He told me my freckles reminded him of his sister and his mother who he cared for deeply. He said he had a passion for helping people and how a string of bad decisions had strayed him away from a lifestyle he hoped to get back to. Instantly, my mood started to change. I related to him, and for a second I felt like it was just me and him on the bus. Have you ever met someone like that? Someone who can just engage you into a conversation where you almost forget your surroundings? I mean, this guy wasn't the most handsome or polish looking. He was scruffy, and I could tell he was going through a rough moment in life. I think he just wanted someone to talk to that morning. He's telling me about a job he lost, and next thing you know, I'm one stop away from my school. I told him I had to get off, but it was really nice talking. Then, he looked me right in my eyes and told me to keep dreaming, never give up, and that he wished me nothing but the best. I wished him good luck and a pleasant day. And I meant it.

That conversation was exactly what I needed that morning. It goes to show how much we can offer each other, if we just take the time to listen.


Leigh said...

what an amazing post! this is such a great story! thanks for sharing :)


NV Torres said...

Thank you for reading! :)

Nicole Alicia said...

Oh the people you meet on public transportation! I bet you made his day. It's nice to have convo with others like that.

-Nicole Alicia