July 8, 2011

Are you there Blog? It's me, NV...

I have been a very, very bad blogger. I know.

Nonetheless, it is about 2:30 am here in the heart of Northside and once again I am up, surfing the web when I realized that this thing is way overdue for a post and update, sooo..an update -->

I recently finished up my third semester of school, started a new job, and now I am entering my fourth (and final) semester at my college and I cannot wait! Also, I am in the very early stages of writing my third collection of poetry. And like before, I have no real deadline for publication. You know how I roll ;) Other than that, la vida es grand!

I can honestly say that at this moment in my life I am receiving an almost overwhelming abundance of blessings.
Though I have closed a couple chapters in my life in the past couple of months, it was all for the better. They say all is well that ends well, and they are right. The closing of those chapters have made way for other opportunities to flourish. Lately, I have felt more secure and more aware of the things I need to live by my own standards. I am making better decisions and learning to listen to that inner voice that I ignored for so long. I am being completely selfish with my time and energy, and for once I do not feel guilty about it. I have not felt this free in a while. I can see my life building upon itself and for the first time in a very long time, all the blocks and pieces are starting to make sense again. I am starting to see the pay off of my hard work and efforts, which has rejuvenated me. It has motivated me to keep things moving while allowing God and the sun to come through. Best of all, I realized that I have to allow this little space that I have created here to be the vessel in which the sun shines through. Which means that I will continue to utilize this blog as the keeper of my words. Trust when I say, there is definitely more sunshine to come.

I hope you are all enjoying your summer. Also, thank you to my new subscribers and to those who have shown my blog some good old lovin' while I was gone. I truly appreciate you all and your comments. Thank you!
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Off to my date with Mr. Sandman I go...
Peace & Sunshine.

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Nicole Alicia said...

Yay, so glad to see you're back NV! Lovly post hope to see more, good to hear from you :)

-Nicole Alicia