June 6, 2012

In my words: One year later... Teaching.

Today marks the one year anniversary of my teaching career.

Yes, I survived my first year. Do I have any more years left in me? Definitely.

It is common knowledge that teaching is one of the most demanding jobs around. On a daily basis, I find myself wearing not only a teacher hat, but also a mother, nurse, social worker, janitor, and referee hat. Although, carrying all of these titles daily seem a bit overwhelming, I find myself enjoying the hustle and bustle of teaching pre-k at a non-profit agency that has served families for many years. Even when I'm overwhelmed, at the end of the day, I really do feel a sense of fulfillment. I would describe the feeling as running a marathon for eight hours straight. Once you hit that finish line, you're exhausted, probably a little cranky, but you're also overcome by this feeling of accomplishment. However, there are those days where you don't feel so great and accomplished. Somedays it truly feels like I ran an eight hour long marathon. I feel rundown, unappreciated, overworked, and just plain ol' tired.

Just recently, I've been having a hard time finding that enjoyment I once had in teaching. Some transitions were made that shook up my world, and to be honest, I am having a hard time coping. These circumstances are making it difficult for me to teach and manage my classroom in a way that allows me to actually enjoy my job as a teacher. However, I know this is something that I have to get through. I have to man up, accept these changes and keep telling myself, "This too shall pass." Like everything else in life, teaching has it's pros, cons, ups, and downs.

One thing is certain... I know this is the field of work I belong in. Putting my current feelings aside, I feel a great sense of duty and pride in teaching children, opening up the world to them, and teaching them the foundations that will help them become descent, educated, independent, conscious members of their communities. I am hopeful because of them. Always.

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