July 2, 2010

Run down 'til the sun goes down.

The sun is coming up.
I'm already up...for no reason.
Mom will call me to run errands with her in a few hours.
Scratch itchy leg. Damn. Another mosquito bite. I must have sweet blood.
Get a second call from Mom asking if I am ready. Almost.
Run errands.
Come home and gather clothes to wash.
Engage in a staring contest with a strange man at the laundromat.
Wish we could get a washer/dryer installed so I wouldn't have to deal with this.
The Northside will be beautiful, and I will try my hardest to bask in her glory.
Update my Facebook status.
Check my phone and email every hour just in case I get called for a job.
Good friends will remind me of our plans for Saturday night.
At some point remind myself that there are only two weeks left before the semester starts.
God will be on my mind.
Everything else under God will be on my mind.
Write a letter.
Watch a movie that is going to put me into an even darker mood.
Heat up the grill.
Stay home for the rest of the night with a bottle wishing that it was him instead.
Or meet up with my cousin at the club, dance with a random guy and wish that it was him instead.
Come home feeling "gooood".
Call him.
He will ask why I couldn't sleep even though he already knows the answer.
Talk until we doze off.
Wake up just in time to see the sun come up again.
Scratch my itchy arm. Another bite.

Remind myself it won't always be this way.

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